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Return postage is excessive and fit was poor

Despite the length being correct the fit was incredibly uncomfortable and very tight, difficult to pull on compared to many styles of sheepskin boots. To return the boots cost $81 as Keuzi require them to be sent tracked courier with signature. This is with NZ Post and based on measurement of the box. Very disappointed and customer service told me this is standard practice.

Love them, these are my second pair need I say more.

Possum Fur Leather Hand Crafted Women's Boot - Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue Boots

Love them, the are so comfortable and snuggly to wear. I have recommended them to friends.. have said even though they are a bit more expensive than the sheepskin ones I prefer the keuzi ones :)

Great product

The boot is very comfortable and warm. I love the color,


Unable to review as not worn yet - they’re a Christmas present. ;)


Thankyou for creating these boots. In the cold snap we had yesterday I wore my boots all day. Not only were the boots comfortable to wear, my feet were warm all day!

LOVE these boots

It feels like I am slipping my feet into a cloud, honestly never have I had such happy feet. I completely love these boots. They are the nicest boots I have ever owned. Thank you Keuzi. I fully recommend that anyone who is considering purchasing some, treat your feet well and go for it, you won't regret it!

very nice boots.

very nice. will wait for next autumn and cooler weather before i start wearing them

Awesome boots..they feel so snug and comfortable. Best purchase I've made.Ready for next winter.

Possum Fur Leather Hand Crafted Women's Boot - Spearmint Green
M E Titter

Very good, fit perfectly,

Great boots

Great boots! Warm, comfy, well made, stylish, and possum is a fantastic and superior leather. Would buy again and recommend to others :)

Possum Fur Leather Hand Crafted Men's Boot - Spearmint Green
Maggie Kelly

so amazingly warm and comfortable … the family has named them my ‘snifter boots"

Possum Fur Leather Hand Crafted Men's Boot - Spearmint Green
M E Titter

Prefect fit and comfortable

Happiest Feet EVA

My Keuzi’s have been the thing that has got me through winter. I put my boots on feet instantly become happy and a smile just appears. Best thing they don't come off till the end of the day cause I can get away with wearing them to work s ‘normal’ boots.

Very happy

I bought the blue boots for our daughter's birthday, she loved them. She is visiting from London so said they are going to be great for the London winter and she loved the colour.

Ticks all the boxes

Fit snugly, cozy warm, comfy to walk in, and classic in style.

Possum Fur Leather Hand Crafted Women's Boot - Spearmint Green
Sandy de Kock

Perfect fit, they are so well made thank you!

Midnight Blue

Very warm Great boots

Possum Fur Leather Hand Crafted Men's Boot - Chocolate


Love the boots ,both mine and partners

Womans Boot -Chocalate

Kia ora
I love my boots, the colour, the fit and quality. Only wish I bought them at the beginning of autumn, winter! Kia ora ra Keuzi.

Fantastic NZ possum boots

These are what I’ve been waiting for for years! I love that they are NZ made. I wear them without socks and they are so comfortable and warm. The best slipper purchase of my life

Great boot and good follow up with a query

Well made, nice and toasty