A New Zealand Story

Like many of us, we have certain favorite footwear. And when they finally need replacing it can often be difficult to find a similar or better replacement. For almost two decades Keuzi founder, Neil Taylor had worn an in-house slipper made of possum fur. Being so comfortable and cozy, he had accidentally ventured out of his home a few times and always thought it would be good to have something he could wear both in and out.

During a road trip to New Zealand's stunning Abel Tasman National Park 5 Day Walk, Neil decided to try to buy a replacement after his new puppy ate through his possum slippers and this time buy a possum fur boot for inside and out. Neil's continued research found nothing available anywhere.

Keuzi' s first product the possum boot, has been specifically designed to utilize the unique properties of possum fur. The fur regulates temperature, wicks away moisture, and reduces odor - to create a footwear experience so comfortable they'll be the first thing you put on in the morning, and the last thing you take off at night! To make the most of this, sock less wear is recommended.

Possum fur is a light natural fiber that out-performs wool and merino in every way. In New Zealand, merino has been mixed with possum since the early 1990's to make it lighter, softer and warmer for all types of apparel.

Possums are a pest in New Zealand impacting our native birds and plants. The founders of Keuzi have a strong conservation focus with every boot contributing to New Zealand's largest conservation organisation Forest & Bird to help keep New Zealand green.

The possum is dressed and prepared in New Zealand. As all specialist footwear manufacturers in New Zealand have been forced offshore our Keuzi boots are assembled in India by a highly reputable publicly listed footwear manufacturer.

We can’t wait for you to experience the incredible feeling of wearing Keuzi boots and our many other products.

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