Going for Gold - 6 Olympic, 11 Paralympic & 33 World Championship Gold Medals

With Lisa Carrington, Barbara Kendall and Sophie Pascoe all wearing Keuzi boots, that adds up to 6 Olympic, 11 Paralympic, 33 World Championship medals that are gold, that’s a lot of gold!

Lisa Carrington is New Zealand’s most decorated Olympian with 5 gold and a bronze medal plus she has 17 World Championship medals, all in kayak events. Sophie Pascoe is New Zealand’s most decorated Paralympian with a whopping 11 gold, 7 silver and 1 bronze plus she has 20 World Championship(LC) medals, all in swimming events. Barbara Kendall has 1 gold, 1 silver & a bronze medal also from the Olympics plus 11 World Championships, all in wind surfing.

The team at Keuzi is very proud to have such distinguished athletes wearing Keuzi boots.

The photo above of Lisa Carrington is from a photoshoot with the NZ Herald after returning from the Olympics. Lisa loved the warmth, comfort & slim fitting of the Keuzi possum fur boots. Barbara Kendall (pictured above) provided a review which said “My Keuzi’ s have been the thing that has got me through winter. I put my boots on and my feet instantly became happy and a smile just appears”.

Sophie Pascoe along with Lisa and Barbara can all be pictured wearing our Keuzi boots on our Instagram @keuzi.