Our Purpose

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To bring the best in warmth, comfort, confidence and fashion to a life lived indoors and outdoors.

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Why Keuzi-Tech Clothing

One Amazing Fabric

Our merino blend uses all natural fibers and is the most dependable fabric when the only thing you can count on is a change in the weather. 3 times warmer than merino and lighter.

Multi-Seasonal Comfort

Keuzi-Tech is a technically active fiber, able to react to changes in your body temperature and the environment insulating you in the cold, and managing heat and moisture when you are hot. We call this thermoregulating.
It is warmer and lighter than any other natural fibre to keep you warm in harsh conditions.

Softer than Merino

Itchiness comes from coarse fibers poking into your skin, but Keuzi-Tech merino blend fibers are so fine they simply lay against your skin. The type of blend used for Keuzi-Tech with 70% merino, 10% silk and other natural fibers is super soft and not the scratchy wool your grandparents used. The fabrics selected for next-to-skin are made from super fine micron fibers.

30% Better Odor Resistance

Keuzi-Tech and bacteria don’t get along. It’s porous nature allows it to absorb bacteria preventing it from multiplying—keeping clothes smelling and feeling fresh for longer. This cuts back on washing apparel and can save water and energy. Not to mention if you have the sports need e.g long hikes, you won’t need to carry as much clothes etc.

Easy Care

We’d rather be outside having fun than indoors doing laundry, so most of our products are washer and dryer friendly.

Wrinkle Resistance

Keuzi-Tech fabric has excellent elastic properties which enable the fibers to quickly recover after stretching. Even if the fabric is deformed for a period of time, exposure to a humid environment will quickly remove any wrinkles.

Keuzi-Tech Accredited Testing

Our blended yarn & knitted fabric has been developed through almost 2 years of research and development to come up with the highest performing all-natural warm yarn and ultimately fabric in the world.

Accredited Laboratory

The Keuzi-Tech merino blend fabric was tested by Intertek, a leading global testing provider with multiple industry recognized accreditations.

The Test Method

The fabric was tested against 100% merino fabric at a similar weight using ISO and ATSM standards.

Warmer and Lighter

The Keuzi-Tech fabric is more than 3 times warmer than 100% merino and lighter

Better Odour Resistance

Keuzi-Tech has superior odour resistance with a more than 30% improvement in the ability to reduce odour